Job Vacancies at Unilever Tanzania March 2023

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Vacancies Unilever Tanzania jobs 2023

Unilever is an organisation committed to equity, inclusion and diversity to drive our business results and create a better future, every day, for our diverse employees, global consumers, partners, and communities. We believe a diverse workforce allows us to match our growth ambitions and drive inclusion across the business. At Unilever we are interested in every individual bringing their ‘Whole Self’ to work and this includes you! Thus if you require any support or access requirements, we encourage you to advise us at the time of your application so that we can support you through your recruitment journey.

Job Tittle: Electrical Engineer


Proper Maintenance of Company Electrical Assets on Power Distribution and ensure Safety of People and Equipment from Electrical and Lightning on all ekaterra Tea Tanzania (eTT) Buildings.


To lead the electrical team in power generation and distribution. Ensure uninterrupted power supply for factories, estates, irrigation, and all field equipment. Lead safety programs (Electrical and Lightning), continuous improvement, capex, and maintenance programmes for all electrical installations.


Power Generation and Distribution

  • Manage all Power generation and distribution facilities (MV and LV powerlines, powerhouses, switchgears, Transformers, Power distribution panels etc.
  • Develop and Implement safety inspection procedures and standards on electrical equipment and machines
  • Carry out regular audits as laid down in defined standards.
  • Ensure Permit to Work system is followed for all high-risk tasks.
  • Measure and store power generation, distribution & Consumption statistics.
  • Prepare and execute maintenance schedules for all power generation and distribution facilities
  • Monitor energy usage efficiency and keep up to date records.

Factories & Units support

  • Develop and implement all maintenance programmes for Electrical installations, machinery and equipment
  • Come up with improvements, technology changes and electrical standards to units
  • Carry out audits for the business compliance with all legislation on electrical standards
  • Carry out annual data analysis within factories and implement remedial measures to rectify anomalies
  • Advice on installation of new processes & machinery within the business

Irrigation Systems

  • Be aware of technological changes within irrigation field and propose improvements for approval
  • Lead the training of irrigation pumps operators on safe and efficient operations.
  • Develop critical electrical spares list required for annual maintenance. Ensure spares are ordered and received in a timely manner.
  • Ensure irrigation infrastructure and systems are well maintained and fully available.
  • Lead electrical technician workshop, prepare technicians workplans, KPIs and mentor their productivity.
  • Ensure Better Transformer maintenance programs and management.

Workshop Support Services

  • Lead the efficient operation of the Electrical Workshop.
  • Ensure all workshop tools are available and well maintained
  • Carry out monthly portable tools checks – both individual and shared tools.
  • Lead the testing of any motors that fail before and after they are taken for rewinding
  • Lead the inspection and approval of motor rewinding workshops used in the company

Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems

  • Ensure Lightning Detection System is working all the time.
  • Ensure all earthing points are numbered and positively identified for testing and maintenance.
  • Ensure all evacuation sheds are properly maintained according to Standard Operating procedure on Lightning Safety


  • Make professional maintenance schedule for all electrical equipment
  • Ensure professional maintenance of all equipment is done as per schedule and record on preventive maintenance sheets
  • Maintenance schedules to include buildings, power generation & distribution facilities, lightning arrestors and earthing systems, irrigation equipment, etc.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Responsible for fault-finding and problem solving for engineering / operational problems in his area by ensuring that the appropriate corrective action regarding any deviation from standards is taken.
  • Identifies the major engineering losses in his area and investigates using WCM problem solving methodology.
  • Capability to develop and lead cross functional teams to deliver Business needs on electrical engineering.


  • Manage day to day matters of the Electrical section including training and developing staff
  • Advice factories management monthly on the status of the electrical bills versus consumption
  • Monitor, coach, develop and oversee subordinates in achieving departmental tasks and ensuring objectives are fully achieved within time, cost, quality & Safety parameters
  • Participates in strategic engineering plans to deliver maintenance and breakdown reduction benefits.

Project Management

  • Come up with electrical designs for projects as necessary
  • Manage delegated projects within specifications, time, cost, Safety and quality parameters
  • Liaise effectively with contractors/consultants
  • Issue regular progress & cost reports on delegated projects
  • Accurately maintain all drawings and specifications


  • Ensure compliance of all safety standards

Technical Training and Development

  • Take lead in self-professional development
  • Plan and execute regular electrical engineering skills training for artisans under his/her charge
  • Be aware of new technologies and systems.
  • Identify training needs and develop staff under him/her

Support for Units

  • Lead the development of process controls in factories
  • Be the contact point for process control best practice and standards
  • Identify Process control, critical spares, and materials supply chain: provision of materials specifications, propose stocking policies for approval by line manager, propose preferred suppliers for electrical equipment for approval and Lead the specification of Materials and services.
  • Establish all process control instrumentation specifications


Knowledge based on the following areas.

  • Manpower training, management, and assessment.
  • WCM Implementation and Tools.
  • Maintenance scheduling and planning of Industrial power supply and generation systems.
  • Modern and Efficient Energy Technology.
  • Project Management.
  • Energy Management.


  • BSc. Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • Registration with Engineers Board of Tanzania (ERB)/Institution of Engineers of Tanzania (IET) as a Professional engineer.
  • At minimum 3 years of experience preferably in industrial engineering setting /MV power generation and distribution/Plant maintenance.
  • Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Job Tittle: HR Business Partner – ekaterra Tea Tanzania Limited


In the role of HR Business Partner, you have responsibility for all aspects of the people agenda. You will ensure by effectively partnering your client group that HR policies and processes are executed effectively. You will work closely with the broader HR Community, using your business expertise & insight to diagnose talent, culture, leadership, performance and employee relations needs in the business and deliver interventions to address these.


Insights, Strategy & Solutions

  • Builds a picture of what’s happening in the organisation and externally in order to spot opportunities and patterns and uses these to develop new actionable, insights.
  • Works closely with expertise teams and external specialists to keep ahead of emerging trends, ideas and innovations.
  • Uses insights from data to influence short-to-medium term business decisions.
  • Uses knowledge of emerging trends and external best practices to build innovative HR solutions to respond to short term challenges to deliver value in line with the business and HR plans.
  • Actively participates in meetings in order to report on HR priority progress & emerging business needs.
  • Manages and evaluates the efficient delivery of HR programmes and projects within the organization by communicating intent of the programme, training and coaching managers in delivery and dealing with concerns raised by employees.
  • Articulates HR priorities at all levels: Metrics, business updates, emerging business needs or share best practice.
  • Takes responsibility for solving HR service provision issues.
  • Coaches the local leadership team and managers to ensure they have the capability to handle situations with skill.
  • Builds capability of managers to anticipate and pre-empt organizational issues
  • Partners with managers to develop appropriate solutions to address sensitive HR issues.

Building Talent Supply

  • Assesses the current and future resource and talent levels, to determine short-medium term strengths, gaps and needs.
  • Uses analytical and experiential data to understand individual talent’s performance and potential
  • Runs & facilitates the performance management discussions with Line Managers, using data, reports and feedback as required.
  • Assesses the internal and external market to ascertain levels of available talent, and suggests what it will take to attract them.
  • Supports managers as to the right resourcing choice to fill the need
  • Manages recruitment and selection processes to ensure timely delivery.
  • Ensures all internal and external interviewers and assessors are competent and fully trained in the chosen approach.
  • Manages an effective Induction programme for all new joiners.
  • Utilizes technology to create efficiencies and build relationships to attract and retain talent.

Organizational Development

  • Develops and applies tools to assess needs related to organizational development, uses diverse interventions in a joined up programme to address these.
  • Influences and challenges managers on how to improve performance based on analysis of data relating to culture, values, environment, team effectiveness and change readiness
  • Develops a business case for these interventions, based on sound data and insight, including impact of plan and risk.
  • Uses diagnostic tools to assess the organization’s capabilities (such as personality assessment, team diagnostic tools, employee satisfaction tools, cultural assessments, visioning and organizational effectiveness diagnostics and so on) and uses insights to feed into global/functional strategy.
  • Continues the journey of embedding ekaterra’s organizational values and behaviors into the organization.
  • Designs and facilitates team building, culture building and change acceleration events based on diagnostic data and the needs of the business creating an environment where individuals and teams reach their potential.
  • Works with the business leaders to evaluate and understand the capacity and capability of the organization in order to develop a plan to address shortfalls.

Change Management

  • Develops a change-ready culture by engaging stakeholders, communicating a powerful vision, working in a transparent manner and creating trust. Coaches the HR team in supporting and driving change
  • Translates the OD strategy into achievable plans and priorities, identifying any risks to delivery and unintended consequences. Tests plan with team involved in supporting the change
  • Manages the implementation of simple organization development interventions and change acceleration programmes to create a culture/environment that positively impacts performance
  • Leads and influences change, develops detailed project plans, risk management strategy, assesses and reviews the impact of solutions, stays alert to changes in context and makes appropriate corrections to strategy and solutions.
  • Oversees the analysis of data to measure progress against the planned business case for change. Uses this to influence discussion as to next steps with line managers and HR Leadership.
  • Builds the employer brand internally and externally through the use of technology and innovative communication tools


  • Skillfully coaches to improve individual and team performance based on deep understanding of organizational development practices
  • Demonstrates and role-models high standards of personal coaching and mentoring.
  • Coaches managers to assess the capability, culture and environment of the team using appropriate behaviour, attitude and culture models to build appropriate interventions to improve performance
  • Works in partnership with leaders to provide challenge, legal guidance and advice in dealing with difficult people issues in a fair, straightforward manner and without delay.

Organisation Design

  • Facilitates discussions with senior managers to identify Org Design issues that need resolving.
  • Works with managers to test the robustness of detailed organisation designs, and assess the impact on factors such as behaviour, attitudes, culture, systems and communication. Feed this insight to HR Leadership team.
  • Assesses opportunities to reduce cost or increase quality of work.
  • Communicates to line Managers the design principles for jobs (i.e. job scope, spheres of influence, accountabilities, and internal relationships.)
  • Facilitates business team decisions on design principles & ensure understanding of the pros and cons of organisation design options
  • Develops a business case and design principles that enables strategic priorities to be met
  • Identifies roles that will change due to organisation re-design and highlights the impact on individuals to stakeholders
  • Manages the execution of structural change, movements and exits
  • Understands the culture and approaches that encourage buy in and engagement to design implementation
  • Develop clear measures of success for the change: impacts, benefits or consequences for the organization.
  • Partners with business leaders to build agility into organization design and ensures that organizational effectiveness and productivity is increased through innovative and robust structural change
  • Identifies risks associated with the chosen design and acts to mitigate these
  • Implement controls to maintain the integrity of the new structure.
  • Translate the strategic requirements for the new design into a set of design criteria that will guide and inform the subsequent redesign work.

Learning & Capability Development

  • Manages the implementation of the learning and capability building plans for teams and individuals
  • Supports managers and teams in business delivery through enhancing their capability to deliver their performance goals, manage their people, implement change and build relations with key stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Works with managers and staff to ensure that they understand the learning and capability plans, the development infrastructure and their role in delivering it.
  • Advises and coaches managers on the professional and general skills needed to improve performance and optimal use of the learning interventions available
  • Provides insight on prioritization of learning and capability needs to improve performance
  • Facilitates internal learning events and workshops, delivering content as appropriate
  • Engages with managers and employees to ensure that the organization is in compliance at all times with relevant training legislation
  • Trains and coaches managers to have honest conversations with their people about their strengths, limitations, development needs and career aspirations, and encourages them to coach, mentor and support key talent.
  • Works in partnership with the Learning team to improve capability and drive efficiencies using innovative learning delivery channels.
  • Supports managers in activating stretching but realistic career & development plans for all. Offers advice and challenge to the plans.
  • Gets to know high potential employees & coaches them on their career and development plans.
  • Leverages technology in learning interventions.

Employee Relations/Industrial Relations

  • Has strong understanding of employment and human rights laws.
  • Has strong understanding of the Tea Association of Tanzania Disciplinary Code and Procedure.
  • Has strong understanding of the Code of Business Principles and social standards.
  • Has strong understanding of employee relations issues and how these impact employee regard and works actively to resolve these.
  • Facilitates potential conflict situations to achieve consensus legally and ethically.
  • Leads and coordinates CMA cases through to resolution, representing ekaterra if required.
  • Supports and coaches managers and HR team in understanding employee engagement and ER policies and practices, ensuring understanding of compliance.
  • Networks internally and externally to understand current trends and anticipate changes.
  • Shares best practice with HR colleagues and look externally to continually improve the level of employee engagement
  • Represents the Company in CBA negotiations with the trade union on all labor issues I collaboration with the Tea Association of Tanzania (TAT).
  • Feedback key messages, themes and insight to the leadership team and line manager to inform risk mitigation and future strategy.
  • Coaches and advises managers who are facing ER/IR issues.
  • Coaches managers to ensure they are able to handle situations with skill rather than using HR to manage the issue for them.
  • Continues to build knowledge on legislations and case law to keep up to date on implications for the business.
  • Ensures the organization and trade union understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Builds an ER plan to measure performance and engagement. Ensures it is kept up to date by developing knowledge internally and externally of emerging local and international ER issues.
  • Leads the development of policies and practices that cover the full employee relationship and ER strategy (i.e. collective and individual dispute resolution, pay bargaining, conflict management, tribunals, grievance and disciplinary, employment law, contracts of employment and terms and conditions)
  • Creates a positive employee relations climate in the organization to drive performance
  • Takes the lead on resolving complex ER issues that create significant risk to the organization and/or strongly influence those leading the issue on the appropriate approach ▪ Ensures barriers to change are overcome from the perspectives of both the organization and trade unions, not necessarily accepting the status quo of current practices.

Performance & Reward

  • Manages the communication and implementation of performance and reward processes and policies
  • Challenges Org Leaders to make appropriate performance evaluation and reward decisions
  • Analyses performance and reward information and makes recommendations to business and HRLT for structural change or adjustments to market positioning to address issues and opportunities
  • Looks for ways to continually improve employees’ understanding of their overall reward package.
  • Facilitates Reward process.
  • Understands the workings of financial metrics and can explain the impact of these on performance and reward to employees
  • Keeps up to date with legislative changes and trains and coaches managers to ensure policies are followed and risks identified.
  • Builds line manager capability in managing equitable performance and reward decisions (e.g.: policy & philosophy understanding and behavioral coaching: i.e. having honest performance conversations, establishing measurable objectives, taking appropriate performance and reward decisions)
  • Ensures individual reward issues are tailored to meet the needs of the organization & the individual (e.g.: new hire remuneration, transfers, severances).


  • University graduate – in Social Sciences preferably B.Com HR with specialization in Human Resource Management.
  • Relevant experience in HR business partnering, HR systems and processes.
  • Good knowledge of key HR processes, roles and responsibilities across the entire HR lifecycle
  • Relevant experience in ER/IR systems and process in a complex environment
  • Brings theoretical and practical HR expertise to bear on individual and organizational issues and opportunities.
  • Provides advice and guidance to colleagues, building a reputation as a reliable source of collegiate support.
  • Seeks out feedback from HR colleagues and managers, taking the learning and development points on board and modifying own practice.
  • Builds trust of employees and managers by consistently giving carefully thought-through advice and feedback.
  • Role Model – consistently leads by example, Acts with integrity, impartiality and independence, balances personal, organizational and legal needs
  • Has a deep sense of own core values and operates professionally.
  • Takes and promotes a learning approach to decisions and activities that turn out to be flawed or mistaken
  • Applies sound personal judgement in dealing with sensitive or critical information while respecting confidentiality.
  • Membership of HR professional institution in the country



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