TRA TIN number online registration and application

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TRA TIN number online registration and Application JInsi ya Kupata TIN number online TRA: Tanzania Revenue authority (TRA) launched Online TIN Services Taxpayer portal taxpayerportal.tra.go.tz is the online platform that would enable TRA to provide more efficient and cost-effective self-service TIN registration to clients (Taxpayers) in a timely manner, as the service will be accessible 24/7.

During the registration procedure, the System shall be integrated with the National Identification System as verification of person identity. Each applicant is required to have a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA).

Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA TIN Number Registration

Follow the following steps to get TRA TIN Number online

  • Visit https://taxpayerportal.tra.go.tz  and then Click Apply TIN Number
    • Enter National Identification Number (NIN) with phone number used to register for National Identification Number (NIN).
    • You will be required to answer security questions if phone number entered was not used to register for National Identification Number(NIN).
  • Select Non Business TIN or Business TIN
  • Fill TIN registration form then click Next
  • After completing of the form Click Submit
  • Click TIN Status to view application status(TIN)
  • Click Print Certificate to Print copy of TIN certificate


There are two kinds of TIN numbers in Tanzania that is business TIN numbers and non-business TIN numbers and If you want to run a business and need a TIN number you will need a business TIN number and not individual TIN Number.

TIN numbers are used to pay for business, employment, investments, and  driver’s licenses

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) collects the majority of taxes in Tanzania. Local government authorities are also required to collect some taxes and fees. Direct and indirect taxes make up taxes. Direct taxes are mostly income taxes, whereas indirect taxes are levied on consumption and international trade.

Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA

There are three ways to pay taxes: withholding, installments, and assessments. In general, all individuals are obligated to pay tax in installments and upon assessment. Only individuals who are compelled to withhold tax may use the withholding technique. They include:

Employers who make a payment that must be included in determining the chargeable income of an employee from the employment; persons paying investment returns (such as dividends, interest, rent, or royalties); persons paying service fees and contract payments. While there are exceptions

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