Nauli treni SRG Dar es salaam to Dodoma fares 2024

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Nauli treni SRG umeme_ Dar es salaam to Dodoma fares 2024

Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) Announces Passenger Fares for Standard Class on the Modern Railway (SGR) Train from Dar es Salaam to Makutupora

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has announced passenger fares for standard class on the Modern Railway (SGR) train from Dar es Salaam to Makutupora. These fares are the result of careful consideration of requests submitted by the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) and feedback received from TRC and other stakeholders.

Conditions for Implementation of Fares

Before these fares can be implemented, the following conditions must be met:

(i) The service provider (TRC) must have a valid transport license.

(ii) The service provider must have a safety certificate for the railway infrastructure and carriages.

(iii) The service provider must use an electronic ticketing system.

(iv) The service provider must connect the electronic ticketing system to LATRA’s systems.

(v) The service provider must collect and manage passenger information, fares paid, electronic tickets issued, government taxes, and legal fees.

(vi) The service provider must have qualified personnel for the technical and operational aspects of the SGR train, including certified drivers and LATRA-registered attendants.

Additional Requirements for the Service Provider

In addition to the above conditions, the service provider must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Implement a Passenger Management Information System (PMIS) and a Train Tracking System (TTS).
  • Display fares for each leg of the journey at stations in a clear and visible manner at all times.
  • Ensure high-quality customer service, including station environment, carriage cleanliness, food and beverages, clean and safe water, adequate lighting, and compensation procedures in case of accidents and loss of passenger luggage.
  • Adhere to safety standards for carriages and railway infrastructure in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

LATRA is committed to ensuring that passengers on the SGR train receive safe, reliable, and affordable services. The Authority will continue to monitor the implementation of these fares and take appropriate action if necessary.

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