Nauli Mpya za Mabasi ya Mikoani 2024 New Bus fares

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Latra and Sumatra Nauli Mpya za Mabasi ya Mikoani 2024  ( New Bus fares Between Regional Center) The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) is a Government Regulatory Authority established by the Act No. 3 of 2019

Nauli Mpya za Mabasi ya Mikoani 2024 ( New Bus fares Between Regional Center)

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The director general of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Latra), Habibu Suluo, stated that the revisions were made in response to requests filed by bus operators in the previous month.

The previously established minimum commuter fare of Sh500 has been increased to Sh600. Additionally, commuters who were previously paying Sh550 will now be required to pay Sh700. Similarly, for routes where commuters previously paid Sh600, the revised fee is now Sh800, whereas for other routes, the fare has risen from Sh700 to Sh900.

DAR ES SALAAM ARUSHA CHALINZE              27,000                    37,000            646
DAR ES SALAAM ARUSHA BAGAMOYO              26,000                    36,000            625
DAR ES SALAAM BABATI ARUSHA              33,000                    4,100            810
DAR ES SALAAM BABATI BAGAMOYO              32,200                    44,300            779
DAR ES SALAAM BABATI DODOMA              28,200                    38,800            682
DAR ES SALAAM BUKOBA BIHARAMULO              58,800                    80,900         1,423
DAR ES SALAAM DODOMA MOROGORO              18,300                    25,100            442
DAR ES SALAAM GEITA KAHAMA              46,500                    64,000         1,126
DAR ES SALAAM IRINGA MOROGORO              20,000                    27,600            485
DAR ES SALAAM KIGOMA ITIGI              51,100                    70,400         1,238
DAR ES SALAAM LINDI KIBITI              19,800                    27,300            480
DAR ES SALAAM MBEYA MOROGORO              34,000                    46,800            823
DAR ES SALAAM MOROGORO CHALINZE                7,600                    10,400            183
DAR ES SALAAM MOSHI CHALINZE              23,400                    31,100            546
DAR ES SALAAM MOSHI BAGAMOYO              21,600                    29,800            524
DAR ES SALAAM MPANDA TABORA              48,200                    66,400         1,168
DAR ES SALAAM MTWARA LINDI              24,100                    33,200            584
DAR ES SALAAM MUSOMA MWANZA              56,200                    77,400         1,360
DAR ES SALAAM MUSOMA BARIADI              52,500                    72,300         1,271
DAR ES SALAAM MWANZA DODOMA              47,200                    65,100         1,144
DAR ES SALAAM NJOMBE MOROGORO              29,100                    40,000            704
DAR ES SALAAM SHINYANGA DODOMA              40,500                    55,800            981
DAR ES SALAAM KAHAMA TINDE              41,500                    57,100         1,004
DAR ES SALAAM SINGIDA DODOMA              28,100                    38,700            681
DAR ES SALAAM SONGEA MOROGORO              38,800                    53,500            940
DAR ES SALAAM SONGEA MASASI              42,400                    58,500         1,028
DAR ES SALAAM SUMBAWANGA MBEYA              47,500                    65,400         1,150
DAR ES SALAAM TABORA NZEGA              41,600                    57,300         1,007
DAR ES SALAAM TABORA ITIGI              33,200                    45,800            805
DAR ES SALAAM TANGA CHALINZE              14,200                    19,600            344
DAR ES SALAAM TANGA BAGAMOYO              13,300                    18,400            323
DAR ES SALAAM VWAWA MBEYA              38,000                    53,000            893

A Latra document, which was distributed to media organizations today, revealed that customers traveling to Mbeya through Morogoro will be required to pay an additional fee of Sh6,000 and Sh9,000 for ordinary and semi-luxury buses, respectively.

According to the paper, passengers traveling between Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, passing through the country’s administrative capital of Dodoma, will need to pay an additional amount of Sh8,000 and Sh13,000 for regular and semi-luxury bus tickets, respectively.

Travelling to Songea via the Morogoro-Njombe route will incur an extra cost of Sh7,000 and Sh10,000, respectively. However, tourists taking the Lindi-Masasi route will pay Sh7,000 for a regular bus and Sh11,000 for a semi-luxury bus to reach the same destination.

Click here to Download Nauli za Mabasi yaendayo Mikoani New Bus fares

LATRA Head Office,

SUMATRA House, Nkrumah Street,

Box 3093, Phone:+ 255 22 219 7500/1, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Toll Free Number: 0800110019/0800110020

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