How to add Microsoft Bing Chat AI to SwiftKey Beta for Android phone

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This page will guide you How to add Microsoft Bing Chat AI to SwiftKey Beta for Android phone.

Microsoft has now added the Bing chatbot to Android devices with the SwiftKey keyboard. This will let people use SwiftKey-based apps to chat with Bing. SwiftKey beta users are getting the new feature. With the latest integration, users will be able to rewrite any text right from the keyboard and search the Web to find what they need. You can get Microsoft SwiftKey beta for Android from the Play Store. Notably, the update is only for people who use Android.

In a Tweet, Microsoft’s chief technology officer, Pedram Rezaei, said that Bing Chat AI would be added to SwiftKey. He told users that the new AI tool is “slowly rolling out” and that they can get it by getting the SwiftKey beta app from the Play Store. Once the beta version of SwiftKey is installed, users will be able to use Microsoft’s Bing chatbot with just one tap in any SwiftKey app.

Setting up Bing Chat on an Android device is easy for people who want to use it. But there are two important things to remember before you download and use the chatbot.

First of all, Bing Chat isn’t currently compatible with iOS, so iPhone users can’t add it to their keyboards. While they wait for SwiftKey to be officially integrated, they can still use the Bing app or their browser to access Bing Chat. Also, Microsoft CTO Pedram Rezaei has said that the Bing Chat integration is being added slowly, so users might not see it right away.

How to get Microsoft Bing Chat AI to SwiftKey Beta for Android phone.

Follow these simple steps to get Bing Chat for Android and start using the chatbot:

  • You can get the Microsoft SwiftKey Beta app from the Google Play store.
  • Make sure you download the beta version, not the regular one.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and follow the instructions on the screen to turn on SwiftKey and log in to your account.
  • To use Bing Chat, click on one of the Search, Tone, or Chat icons on the left side of your keyboard.

Keep in mind that Bing Chat is still being rolled out, so it may not be available to everyone just yet. But once you can get to it, it’s easy to use it right from your keyboard.

Last year, Microsoft stopped making SwiftKey work on iOS. However, it later brought the app back to the App Store with the promise to “put a lot of work into the keyboard.” For those who don’t know, the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android and iPhone is a type of keyboard that learns how a user types words, phrases, and emojis and then fixes typos and misspellings based on that.

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