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Withdrawal Money Paypal to Mpesa

by Ajira

PayPal Users of the Mpesa platform can use PayPal to send money in Kenyan Shillings to their Mpesa accounts. Thunes manages the online application for a cooperation between Safaricom PLC and PayPal Ltd. Users must have a Safaricom mobile phone that is registered with Mpesa and a confirmed PayPal account.

PayPal Mpesa is quick and simple. Users can quickly receive money into their Mpesa accounts. It is very simple and quick to top up money from Mpesa to PayPal at favorable exchange rates.

To withdraw the funds, complete the following steps:

1. You must have a PayPal account.
2. Go to paypal-mobilemoney.com/m-pesa and click the log in button (top right corner).
3. You will be prompted to log in and then agree to the terms of service.
4. Enter your M-Pesa mobile phone number.

How to withdraw money from PayPal to M-PESA

Imagine you have a PayPal account that is linked to your M-PESA Mobile Account,

Go to the PayPal Mpesa Website Open Link here https://www.paypal-mobilemoney.com/m-pesa.

  • Click “Get Started” and sign in with PayPal.
  • Click the Withdraw from PayPal button.
  • Enter the Amount to Withdraw (Your balance is displayed in USD). If your funds are in a different currency, go to your PayPal account and convert them first.)
  • Click the “Continue to Withdraw” button.

You will then be redirected to the following page:

  • The total amount payable in Kenya Shillings.
  • The rate of exchange used to convert USD to KES
  • The transaction’s estimated processing time.


A withdrawal request from PayPal to an M-PESA account can take anywhere from a few minutes to three days to process. This is determined by the transaction value. The more the funds, the longer the time.

PayPal to MPESA Withdraw Limits

Users are only permitted to withdraw Kshs 150,000 per transaction. Furthermore, M-PESA accounts are limited to Kshs 300,000.

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